Total grocery bill $43.80
Number of meals included 68 (81.0%)
Adjusted monthly cost $54.10
Adjusted daily cost $1.93

And the Explanation

Being the shortest month, as well as spending two weekends with my parents, February ended up costing me only $46.80. The adjusted per day cost was $1.93, compared to the $2.46 from January. So I definitely did a lot better this month than last month. Now let’s take a look at the highlights of the month.

Just look at the value in this green bundle of goodness
Just look at the value in this green bundle of goodness

First I found cabbage. It isn’t exactly delicious, not particularly nutritious, but it’s on par with the cheapest vegetables out there (carrots, onions, not quite potatoes though). Leave it naked, and it’s a pretty good finger food. Put some lemon juice, olive oil, pepper, salt, or whatever, and it’s a delicious salad. You can also cook it somehow, but that’s too much effort for me. Now with the cabbage, my carrots aren’t quite as lonely in the vegetable corner of my fridge.

The next jewel of the month was oats. If you can find plain rolled oats, they are amazing value. I was able to pick them up at $2 a kilo. That kilo lasted me 15 meals, making them cheapest meals I’ve eaten so far. Unfortunately, oats are pretty bland on their own. Supplement it with some yogurt, honey, jam, cinnamon, or fruits for a tasty breakfast.

Dane’s Chart of Value

Shnack Dane’s Thoughts Target Price
Oats Insanely cheap, easy to make, and nutritious (providing the much needed fibre for the zero-vegetable diet). (Yep, that’s the same thing I wrote for beans.) $0.25/100g
Peanuts Such deliciousness, and packed full of nutrients that other cheap foods don’t really get you. It’s really easy to eat a lot a once though, so be careful fellow frugalees! $0.50/100g
Hot Sauce If you’re tired of all your food tasting bland, hot sauce is the solution! Dump it on your food and everything will feel like burning – you won’t even notice it tastes bad anymore. Your taste buds