Total grocery bill $77.45
Number of meals included 77 (82.7%)
Adjusted monthly cost $93.54
Adjusted daily cost $3.02

So What Happened?

Unfortunately, this month was the worst month so far, and a massive step back from the $2 a day I got in February. A couple factors caused the increase in cost. Firstly, I bought a lot more food than I needed. I have a lot of rice, bread, and pasta (possibly enough to last me through April). This was partially because I overestimated how much I eat, and also that I ate out more than I expected. Secondly, I bought groceries near the end of the month. I was also hungry at the time, so I ended up buying a lot more than I normally would (especially too many apples at a mediocre price). Essentially March is an investment: my costs for April should be a lot lower because of all the food I have now.

Don't worry: it will look a lot worse once cooked
Don't worry: it will look a lot worse once cooked

Past these issues, I did find something nice: dried soup mix. The type with several types of dried beans, lentils, peas, and whatnot. I was able to put together some sort of slop that lasted me for about five days of lunch and dinners. I used about $1.50 of soup mix (didn’t finish the whole bag even) and some $2.00 of brown rice (definitely could get this nice and cheap if you’re okay with buying the massive bags of non-brown rice). So that’s about $0.35 a meal, which is pretty darn good. I already bought myself another bag for April.

Not much else exciting happened this month. Only one month left of this project, so look forward to the final post, and possibly a nice report summary!

Dane’s Chart of Value

Shnack Dane’s Thoughts Target Price
Dried Soup Mix Boil these guys for an hour or so, add rice, pasta or whatever, and you have a delicious slop combination on your plate. Can easily be made in disgustingly large amounts. $2.00/kg
Carrots Yes, a pretty obvious one. They’re really healthy, delicious, and a staple for a lot of cooked foods. Literally just add it to any fried food, and it will probably taste good. $0.33/lb
(Cheap) Cheese Not the first thing you’d expect as a value pick, and definitely not that great value. But they’re great to put on anything to make it actually taste good. Throw it on some bread, put it in your pasta sauce (or slop) $4/those big rectangle blocks