A list of my current, and past projects. I definitely haven’t listed everything I’ve worked on, so I’ll continue to update this list as I have time, and as more projects come up.

sm-printer (Java repo, JS repo, JS app)

Sim-file renderer Java application, and JavaScript port. Simfile (.sm) is the file format used in Stepmania, and many of its forks. Being able to see the song in full without actually playing the song is helpful to practise complicated areas, and figure out the proper footing. The sm-printer applications provide an easy way to view the simfile at any point in the song. The Java application has been superseded by the JavaScript application.


A small script that pulls the audio file from an osu! beatmap into a user’s music directory. Simple command line interface for searching songs. Run using python.

Grocery Challenge

The grocery challenge. The quest for finding the cheapest food. Goes by all sorts of name. A more detailed look at it can be found here.